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March 2007  Turus math leat a Sheonnaidh

Who would set off to the Hebrides before winter is hardly over, on a three-wheeled recumbent, towing a trailor containing a tuba, enduring 70 mph winds, staying in a cold hostel with no power?

Best of luck Jon Hodkin on your mission to share your enthusiasm for cycling, travel and music - by all accounts it was appreciated by the kids in all the schools you visited. (Also you could maybe consider trading in the tuba for a set of bagpipes - it would make life easier!)

May 07  Visitors from New York and Australia after a half day cycle ride
Aug 07  Two ladies stop to have a carrier fitted but going by the size of these backpacks a trailer might have been more appropriate!
Rothan Cycles staff outing (a few years back)
Photo by Tommy Knauer.

Butt to Barra 24hr Cycle Challenge

The Butt to Barra 24 hour Cycle Challenge is a unique sponsored cycle which took place  on May 25th 2007.

A group of men from Uist and Lewis cycled the length of the Hebrides (170 road miles) in 24 hours starting in Ness on the Isle of Lewis at 12.00am on May 25th  arriving at Castlebay in the Isle of Barra at 7pm the same day.

Rothan was pleased to help out with cycle maintenance prior to leaving